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Comprehensive mining technology, high-quality products and good service.

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Comprehensive mining technology, high-quality products and good service.

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Xinhai Mining is committed to providing “Turn-key Solution for Mining Plant (EPC+M+O)", namely “design and research - complete equipment manufacturing and procurement - commissioning and delivery - mine management - mine operation”, which is customized from the actual situation of the mining plant.

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Mining EPC+M+O

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One-stop, Customized Mining Integrated Services

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Xinhai can customized the mining technology for each mining plant, such as open-pit mining process, underground mining process, which can guarantee the idea mining processing effect.

Open Pit Mining

Open pit mining usually covers the whole boundaries. Horizontal slices with certain thickness are defined to extract ore from top to bottom until reaching the ultimate or temporary boundary and forming the ultimate or temporary slope. The stripping method usually includes the positioning of open trench, advancing direction, and the arrangement and factors of working face. It impacts both the production technologies and economic benefits in the initial stage.

Underground Mining

Underground mining is to dig a series of wells and tunnels from the surface to the ground to reach the ore body for preparation and mining. The underground mining of Xinhai mining equipment mainly includes three stages of mine falling, transportation and ground pressure management, and different mining methods are adopted according to different geological morphological characteristics.

Mining Equipment Manufacturers

Mining Product

As one of the professional mining equipment manufacturers, Xinhai Mining can customize the different mining machine, including punching equipment, rock splitter, loading equipment, excavation equipment, transportation equipment.

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Xinhai (Yantai) Mining Engineering Co., LTD (Xinhai Mining, for short) is a high-tech enterprise to provide the Turn-key Solution for Mining Plant; including design and research(E), equipment manufacturing and procurement(P), mine construction, installation and commissioning(C), mine management and mine operation(M+O).

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